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The courses of study for MBBS and BDS are open to both male and female candidates from all provinces of Pakistan and also to candidates of all nationalities from abroad.

1. Applicants for admission in MBBS and BDS must have passed:

a) F.Sc (Pre-Medical) from a Board of Intermediate in Pakistan in First Division securing at least 60% marks.

b) Or any examination of a ForeignUniversity or College/School which in scope and standard is considered equivalent to F.Sc (Pre-Medical) examination of Pakistan such as: i. The British GCE ‘A level. ii. The American / CanadianHigh School examinations (12 years of schooling) iii. Higher Secondary School examination of the Middle East. iv. Baccalaureate examination.

2. Invitation for Entry Test and Interview

Applications for admission in MBBS and BDS are invited after declaration of FSC result. After scrutinizing all applications, those candidates found suitable, are informed through sending letters communicating the date, time and venue of the Entry Test and Aptitude Interview,

3. Entry Test

The Entry Test is an objective type of examination in the form of Multiple Choice type of Questions (MCQ) based on the standard of F.Sc (Pre-Medical) in the subjects of English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

4. It is a requirement of PMDC that all candidates applying for admission in MBBS or BDS are

also to appear in the Provincial Govts. Entry Test in the province of their domicile and they have to submit a copy of the result to the college.

5. In case of those candidates in whose province Entry Test is not held their Entry Test will be taken by the college.

6. Aptitude Interview

After the Entry Test, based on merit the top 120 candidates are invited for Aptitude Interview by the Admission Selection Committee of the college. It is to assess the ability of the candidate to undertake the arduous and difficult course of medical education and to see that the candidate is capable and really interested in study of Medicine and also to see that the candidate & his family can afford to pay the fees of education in a private sector medical college. The date, time and venue of the Aptitude Interview will be communicated individually to the candidates.

7. Merit

Candidates are selected for Admission on Merit which will be based on the Entry Test marks, F.Sc marks, Matriculation marks & Aptitude Interview marks.

8. Selection

After the Entry Test and Aptitude Interview, a Merit list is prepared and the top students on the merit list are invited for the final selection and admission. If a student invited for final selection and admission does not turn up, the seat is offered to the next candidate on the merit list and the student who was invited and did not report shall loose his/her claim for the seat. The final selection of the student is the responsibility of the College Admission Selection Committee and the Principal. Their decision is final and not challengeable.