Medical education is expensive. According to PMDC rules there has to be highly qualified and experienced teaching staff, other facilities and expensive equipment in different basic and clinical departments of a medical college. On the clinical side teaching hospital facilities are very costly. It is estimated that the cost of training a medical graduate in a Govt. medical college costs the Govt. over Rs. 95 lakhs in five years in Pakistan.

The same or similar training abroad costs about Rs. 2 crores in the UK and still more in the USA. Whereas at FMC it may cost about a tenth of international cost and less than about one fourth of the cost that Govt. incurs on training a doctor in Pakistan. The fee charged by the college barely covers the cost of teaching & training programs. Instruments, equipment, material and chemicals and salaries are required in this process. As this college is functioning on self-finance no profit no loss basis, it is imperative that students admitted to the college pay the college dues in time.

The college has to make arrangements and organize various teaching and training programmes well in advance of the time when these facilities are required by students. These facilities are also inspected by the University and the PMDC teams regularly and have to be of the desired standard. Frontier Medical College is a self-financing institution; therefore, it has to charge a reasonable tuition fee. For those Pakistani students who are capable, have leadership qualities and are keen to pursue the medical profession and they fulfill the requirements of admission and are able to follow the rigorous academic requirements of a highly scientific course, concessional fees have been fixed which are less than about a quarter of the actual cost of education in a Govt. medical college in Pakistan or in any recognized medical school abroad.

FMC fees are less than the fees charged by the Govt. Medical colleges from the paying students. The fees and subscriptions are payable at the time of the admission and then regularly at the beginning of each session. The tuition fee and the hostel fees are subject to change if considered necessary by the college administration. Details of fees payable are given in the prescribed application form of the college. Those candidates who may find it difficult to pay the college fees are advised not to apply. Students are considered admitted only after they have paid the required fees.